A Smarter Way to Connect

The Chicago Hub Improvement Program is an opportunity for new federal infrastructure funding to catalyze the rail system the Midwest deserves. Securing federal dollars to advance CHIP would help enable Brain Train, a visionary high-capacity travel network poised to revolutionize local travel and spur unprecedented collaboration throughout the Midwest. By strategically connecting the city with the suburbs, as well as extending its reach to other key metropolises, innovation hubs and academic institutions, the Brain Train will serve as a conduit for unlocking new talent pools and fostering high-pay, high-growth job opportunities in traditionally underinvested communities.

To help make our vision of Brain Train a reality, please sign our petition to help us reach a goal of 10,000 signatures and get

the attention of D.C. before November 2023.

Unlock Talent

With connection comes opportunity to unlock new talent and create high-pay, high-growth jobs for traditionally underinvested communities. 

Increase Connectivity

Linking the city and suburbs to Midwest metropolises, burgeoning innovation hubs and higher education institutions. 

Reduce Emissions 

Providing reliable, affordable and sustainable transportation to the region’s largest job centers while reducing travel times for travelers.  

More about Chicago Hub Improvement Program 

The Chicago Hub Improvement Program aims to secure a $872.8 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration’s Federal/State Partnership Program, made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The funding will advance a multitude of regional improvements, resulting in better performance for travelers in the Midwest and across the country. As Amtrak’s top national priority, the projects will expand capacity, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve air quality, accessibility, reliability, and customer experience for more than 30 million passengers annually.


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